We produced and organised this Event for the blockchain company Avalanche as part of the FIA Formula E. It was held in one of the biggest hangars of the old Tempelhof airport. Together with spaceworks we managed to bring this event to life in just a few weeks.

Alphabet Manifest DC

We traveled all over Europe together with the BMW Group to portrait our frantic lifes. Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

Austrian Airlines Melangerie

If you like Hotel Sacher and Wiener Schnitzel, you like our Austrian Airlines campaign. Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve


This emotional film helps the victims of child abuse to finally let go what didn’t let them go. Directed by Christof Schröter

Adesse & Bad Chieff - THE ONE

The painful search of the one true love. Directed by Henning Strüve & Nicolas Blättry

Panasonic NANOE Hairdryer TVC

This ad is all about hot air.
Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

VW Amarok

Discovering the African outback with Steffen Hensssler in the new Amarok. Directed by Christof Schroter & Henning Struve


Stalking through the prairie of L.A. with a true native American warrior and BMW.

Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

Kia Stinger x Paul van Dyk

Together with Paul van Dyk and the agency Innocean we went for a ride through the night.

Directed by Henning Strüve & Christof Schröter


A humorous campaign from agency Scholz&Friends about ordinary warehouse products. Directed by Christof Schroter


The agency Heimat let the Danish architect Sigurd Larsen design a chair. Directed by Christof Schroter

The insect concerto

We teamed up with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra, Scholz&Friends and the WWF to fight the insect decline. Directed by Christof Schroter

Milonair ft. Haftbefehl - Dieses Dasein

#refugeesarewelcome Directed by Henning Strüve


Hop into the Porsche 918 Spyder. Directed by Christof Schröter