Alphabet Manifest DC

We traveled all over Europe together with the BMW Group to portrait our frantic lifes. Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

Austrian Airlines Melangerie

If you like Hotel Sacher and Wiener Schnitzel, you like our Austrian Airlines campaign. Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve


This emotional film helps the victims of child abuse to finally let go what didn’t let them go. Directed by Christof Schröter

Adesse & Bad Chieff - THE ONE

The painful search of the one true love. Directed by Henning Strüve & Nicolas Blättry

Panasonic NANOE Hairdryer TVC

This ad is all about hot air.
Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

VW Amarok

Discovering the African outback with Steffen Hensssler in the new Amarok. Directed by Christof Schroter & Henning Struve


Stalking through the prairie of L.A. with a true native American warrior and BMW.

Directed by Christof Schröter & Henning Strüve

Kia Stinger x Paul van Dyk

Together with Paul van Dyk and the agency Innocean we went for a ride through the night.

Directed by Henning Strüve & Christof Schröter


A humorous campaign from agency Scholz&Friends about ordinary warehouse products. Directed by Christof Schroter


The agency Heimat let the Danish architect Sigurd Larsen design a chair. Directed by Christof Schroter

The insect concerto

We teamed up with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra, Scholz&Friends and the WWF to fight the insect decline. Directed by Christof Schroter

Milonair ft. Haftbefehl - Dieses Dasein

#refugeesarewelcome Directed by Henning Strüve


Hop into the Porsche 918 Spyder. Directed by Christof Schröter