Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a hybrid creative studio based in 
Berlin and Amsterdam.
A one-stop shop that develops creative ideas and bring them to life.

Our Services

Creative development

We’re not one of those agencies that just want to sell you ideas that will win awards for US. We think that any creative idea only works if it fits in your brand story. Imagine going into a restaurant and ordering a meatball, but the waiter comes back and gives you a piece of salmon. That’s not us. But we will make you a damn good meatball.

Film production

Running a production is in essence pretty simple - make sure things run well. Behind the scenes this takes long days, quick thinking, many rolls of duct tape, many cups of coffee, zen-like patience and hard, hard work. Good thing this is what WE do, so things do seem to run well for you. To make things even easier we also have our in-house post-production studio.

Brand and marketing strategy

Our team has extensive experience on the brand side. We know what it means to work within a defined brand framework (and are also not afraid to think outside it). We are so well trained in brand strategy, one of us managed the European launch of a car brand without even having a driver’s license.

event production / activation

See film production, but with even more duct tape and a lot more alcohol (for the guests, obviously).

We Are

SAINT started in Berlin in 2018 by Henning and Felix Strüve and expanded to Amsterdam in 2022 bringing in Robin van der Kaa. We have a broad background in creative, music, production and on the brand-side. In practice this means we think with you instead of trying to sell you on our own wild creative ideas. Don’t get us wrong, we do have those, but if you ask for a meatball we’re not going to try and sell you a piece of salmon. We just make you the best meatball. With a DIY attitude and a whole lot of duct tape when needed.


Creative work is never ‘just’ a solid concept or great design, a beautiful film, catchy copywriting or a great soundtrack. It’s the greater sum of a lot of different and always moving parts.No story stands on itself. It is always a part of a bigger cultural context and narrative. Especially in an increasingly makeable and individualised society, storytelling has the inherent power to reflect, comment on, influence and – in an ideal situation – change the world around us.

Who We

Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, Vodafone, BMW, Porsche, Sparkasse, KIA, Austrian Airlines, Alphabet, Hennessy, Schweppes, Avalanche, Panasonic and many more.